Monday, November 25, 2013

A Windy Miserable November

November is pretty lame in my opinion. The fall climbing season is usually over for the most part with the instigation of daylight savings time and cold weather. All of the alpine trails have become icy bobsleds or postholing nightmares. And yet there isn't enough snow to ski anything without creating large craters in your new lightweight skis. Life is pretty depressing during this time. The BST, Redbox, and Momentum are getting quite a bit of action among other foothill trails.

Nevertheless, Steve Nate Pete and I got out for a enjoyable 13 mile run via the Mueller Park/North Canyon loop. I ran on the road for longer than I have since the Wasatch and it was miserable. Nate and I invented what we like to call, "doctrine downhill", where we discuss church doctrine while running downhill. Uphill is too hard to discuss doctrine(or anything really) due to heavy breathing. It felt good to get out with the guys despite the windy weather. Bacon, egg, and potato breakfast burritos rounded the adventure off.

Maybe we can so something cool during the thanksgiving break.

Snowy north canyon. I know my anatomic bladder looks like it is leaky, but it is actually my Nathan bladder nozzle causing the outrageous wet spot on my shorts, not to be confused with the person Nathan  running behind me.