Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The bishop can wait

The beginning of my historical ascent

Got home from work at 5 and had a meeting at 6:30 with our bishop to go visit the lost sheep of our ward. That left 1.5 hours of free time to engage in some meaningful activity. Grocery shopping was out(boring), so I decided to time trial the LCC quarry trail. I had gone 1:04 as my fastest time previous, but knew I could go faster if pressed. So I pressed. I got amped listening to Katy Perry and Carly Rae J on the 5 minute drive over, stretched the old cow infants, and took off.

I wanted to go sub 30 up, but just barely missed it at 30:24. I am not a barrel racer of a downhill runner like Stevo, so I maintained what I felt was a 'mediumly horrifical out of control' pace back down. Got a new PR of 52:04. You may be thinking 8 minutes is a pretty pathetic displacement of time between up and down, but 8 min/2.8 miles=2.85 min/mile faster down than up. Plus Hoka just called me asking if I wanted a free pair of shoes after my downright killer time, but I told them I already had a Hoka army of friends and wanted to stay original, so best me first comrades, then judge. Got back with 5 minutes to spare where a warm shower, a grilled cheese, and some black church socks were waiting for me.

52 minutes/5.6 miles=9.28 min/mile

The stats


  1. did you end up getting a camera then? what do you have?

    as far as the actual post...congrats on being a fast runner. and fulfilling your church callings.

  2. http://alphasteve42.blogspot.com/2012/11/quarry-trail-56-miles-of-blizzardy.html