Sunday, February 24, 2013

Greatest Snow On Earth

After yesterday I am considering switching my license plate from the Delicate Arch to the skier one.

Contrary to the Sherpa's recent ridiculous statement of having to ski, "boring blower powder", I love it and honestly can not get enough. Pete, Court and I ran up to Butler around 2 pm after their soccer game, squished into the Tacoma with Court incessantly poking Pete into a giggling frenzy, preventing me from shifting properly into 4 low on the horrible roads, all in hopes of finding some good stuff. We did. 4 magnificent laps down the Butler trees off the summit of Circle All Peak left the surrounding aspens annoyed with all of our hooting and hollering. It was a full on blizzard up there, so with blowing snow originating from both sky and ground and fogged goggs, most of the time we found ourselves unable to see anything but whiteness. Kind of like being blind.  Nevertheless it was an awesome day. We pushed our skins to the limit as upon deskinning for the final time my skins just fell off with no apparent effort whatsoever. Got a few pics before the cold destroyed my battery.

Pete skinning up round 1

Summit of Circle All, stoked for the Pow

Pete loving life

Pete almost lost a whippet after crashing in said blower powder but we recovered it, and Court lost his car keys in the parking lot after dumping the snow out of his boot which also contained the key. He didn't even realize it till we were halfway back down canyon on now worse-than-horrible roads. There was talk of ditching church today but skiing on Sunday usually results in death by avalanche.

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