Saturday, February 22, 2014

Best Ski Line in Wasatch?

A fantastic ski line and a crappy picture of it

I know, there isn't a "best ski line" in the Wasatch, but here is what Bonkers has going for it:
-10 minutes up BCC
-Easy trail approach with NO bushwacking
-Fantastic Views of the Triple Traverse
-Completely skinnable terrain all the way up
-Huge bowl skiing
-2500' run!
-Easily lapped
-Just the right slope angle
-Fun hoppers

Bonkers doesn't have tons of appeal for someone who has to ski ridiculously steep aesthetic couloirs all the time. I enjoy those as much as the next guy. But for amateur skiers like myself, I LOVE big old bowls where you can rip down with big wide sweeping turns and feel like I'm actually skiing, not just hop turning. Its like being at the resort only without the people, ski lines, chair lifts, and ticket prices.

We enjoyed the standard trail approach up from Broads Fork. Pete was complaining of blisters on his feet and Steve wanted to hit the REI garage sale at 9, but luckily with some tape and insistence that buying gear was more lame than having an adventure we all made it up to the ridgeline in 2.5 hours 4500' vert from the car. Conditions seemed pretty stable and we all hooted as we "linked more quality turns in the backcountry than I ever have. "(-jake)

The boys all insisted we head back down for afternoon activities, but I had enjoyed Bonkers so much I offered them my car keys and did another lap solo. Ridiculously fun creamy turns for 2500' feet. I've never skied so fast and felt so in control as usually its rocketing through brush getting whipped in the eye.

Here are so low quality pictures(like usual). Head over to tetonsandwasatch for some higher quality pics.

Kind of a dreary day
Pete Jake and Stevo topping out

Jake loving Bonkers

After we decided skiing one at time was boring, we all took off
Proper Hopper technique


We all had varying dedication to the "ski to the car" mentality. If Court were there he would have insisted we do so, but luckily he wasn't so we all de-skied and walked down the icy/rocky trail when we felt like the risk of breaking a ski or a bone increased beyond our insurance policies' deductible, minus Pete who actually skied downhill with his skins on(smart?) and now needs new skins(they don't sell skins at the DI pete).
Careful: it can break out on you

Another quality line checked off. 

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  1. Finally got some cream with hoppers, and went for seconds! Tasty gooder.