Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Big East

Great view of Dromedary and Sunrise from East Twin. 

The Big East conference had a decent representation this year in the NCAA tournament. I picked #2 seed Villanova to win the tournament, which was obviously a stupid choice since they lost last night in the round of 32. What a garbage fire my bracket has become.

Regardless, Court, Nick, Jake and I set out to ski a few lines in Broads Fork on Saturday, the big one being the East Face of Twin Peaks. We started up Tanners at 7 am in a blizzard, which quickly dissipated 15 minutes later, and 3 of us topped out around 9 at the Drom/Sunrise saddle to bright sunshine looking down in to BCC. I had attempted to get a head start from the car since I never seem to handle the technical skinning very fast but still managed to get passed by Court halfway up.
Looking down Tanners. All the west facing stuff had huge avy debris. 

Looking up to the top of Tanners 

Court enjoying his 3rd outing of the week

Nick wasn't feeling super hot and was an hour behind us, so we unanimously decided to ditch him(he understands) and skied down the North couloir of  Dromedary opposite Tanners down into Broads. We then decided to boot straight up the East Face rather than take the southeast ridge since it seemed more efficient.

Jake enjoying some soft snow off Drom

Jake with the Big East behind

95% of the time when someone is out front breaking trail, its Court. 0% of the time, its Jake

Great skinning conditions and shadows

Court setting the booter up East Twin

We topped out on East Twin around 1030, and enjoyed another winter summit. The East Face skied really well, and the aprons were outstanding.

Court on upper East Face
Lower East Face fun
Court practices his Karate to get him through the tight stuff
Yee Ha! Thats what Steve would have yelled if he was here. We did it for him

Jake bailed down Broads to get back to the wife and Court and I booted and skied the North couloir of Sunrise making for another 3 line day. Its becoming a trend in my outdoor excursions to do triples. No longer is one couloir, tower, or peak enough.
N. Couloir of Sunrise. Another gooder
Lots of squiggles from us and others throughout the week. Our two couloirs are center
Nick went up and over to ski Tanners since he really wanted to tick that one off(I did not envy his ski conditions we found on the way up) and Court and I skied out Broads. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be though I did tomahawk over a log in the thick woods trying to avoid the death pizza pie skintrack. Skiing dirt and ice led to hiking out and hoping not to garage sale on the ice. We hitchhiked down and grabbed some hot dogs at 7-11 whereupon Court was chastised for wearing his ski boots inside by what appeared to be a 16 year old 4'11" girl with the title "shift manager" on her name tag. Guess we didn't read the "obvious sign" on the front door.

Annie and I hiked Mt. Wire that afternoon, creating a 8k' day. I was very happy with that. Then I read Sherpita did 15k on Timp and I just got depressed.

Congrats to Stevo for finishing his 3rd Buffalo 50 in a PR 8 hours, and Pete for finishing his first 50 miler in whatever time he did it in.

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