Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Creek

Battle of the Bulge

After last week's debacle involving a dearth of climbing due to Timbre's antics we were happy to be invited back by Court and Megan for another long weekend excursion to the Creek where multiple belayers/babysitters would ensure a more pleasant and productive experience for us. We piled in the van and enjoyed a fantastic 2 days of splitters at Way Rambo, Battle of the Bulge, and Blue Gramma. Highlights were the namesake routes at all those crags, plus The Cave Route, Layaway Plan, and The Fuzz. Routes we attempted but spit us off were Slice n Dice and Swedin Ringle. 5.12 at the Creek is pretty hard.

Court Sending Way Rambo. Dang .75's spit me off

Getting ready to pull around the roof on Layaway Plan

Slice N Dice. No one sent, but its a beauty of a line

More Slice N Dice

MegaBlox enjoying wide hands on Blue Sun

Hands hands baby

Court Taking a turn 

Chest Full of Kind, weird name, fun climb

Timbre wants to be like the cool kids

Nap time for 2/3 of the Weiler clan

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