Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Gimp Games

Being injured sucks. Luckily its not me! Court recently had surgery for his Taylors Bunnion and wanted to get out and enjoy some kind of physical activity while he was down for 6 long weeks of nonweightbearing. So the natural thing to do when you only have one good foot is to time trial the mile on crutches, aptly and creatively named, "the crutch mile".

TMNT Rafael with his twin sai and one Hoka getting ready to set off on the crutch mile

Somewhere on lap 1, 2,3 or 4

When Steve broke his leg in college, he set the standard among the throngs of folk(maybe 2 others) who had ever tried this feat with a staggering 12 and change mile on an "unofficial" course in the Aggies football stadium parking lot he had mapped with his car odometer. This was documented. Court wanted to break the record(naturally) so me, steve, izzy, and court met at the brighton high school track to see what Court could do. Rumor had it that he had been training for this event by crutching up Olympus, sandpapering his armpits, and cranking out sets of pullups while hanging from his crutches, a significant and hardcore regiment no doubt.

Watching someone crutch around a track for 4 laps is pretty boring. So we sat on the grass cheering our friend on as he was obviously struggling with armpit chaffage and single leg fatigue, not to mention blindness via bandana sweat. The pee wee football team practicing on the grass also showed their support on the last lap with a semi audible cheer. He made it and set a new crutch mile record of less than 12 and change! I am not sure what his official time was. Edit: video says 11:35

Steve, izzy and I set off to see how fast we each could also run the mile. Being used to solid 20 minute mountain miles I was anxious to see if I could go sub 5:30, which my sister Caroline informed me would qualify me for the Utah high school girls 2A state track meet, a prestigous club to belong to, akin to Boston. Steve being the road runner he is beat me by 4 seconds at 5:14, and izzy almost cracked the 7 min barrier. I remember now why I run on trail. 

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