Sunday, July 28, 2013

Running on Toothpaste

Short week of running this week due to fun week in Colorado climbing.

East ridge of Pfief

Friday: Pfieferhorn via Red Pine. 9 miles, 3700'. ~2:30
No matter how you do this peak, its a stellar outing in the Wasatch. Despite its popularity, I have never encountered anyone on the summit when I've been there. Might be due to the fact that I seem to usually be up there after 7 pm. Lost my watch in Rifle somewhere so my time is an unofficial car clock time.

Saturday: Crest/Midmountain Linkup. 30 miles, 4700'. 5:58
The best trail for running/mtn biking west of Park City is the Crest trail, and I personally enjoy their toothpaste flavors the best. I don't think anyone would disagree. I've run its 13 mile length from Guardsmen to Millcreek plenty of times, but have never explored the linkup into Park City. The Midmountain trail in PC seems to be of similar quality and classic status. So it was time. With Steve firing off the Speedgoat, I decided I needed to prove to myself I could run 30 miles in less than the disgusting 9 hours like I did last week.

Map of route

Weird Pinecones

the Spine on the Crest Trail

Boring vista into PC

The run went well, with cloud cover and light rain I was able to stay cool and no headaches ensued. It was an odd day so few bikers were out on the Millcreek side limiting the dodging of bikes, but the throngs of dogs certainly made up for it. The Midmountain access from the south end of the Crest trail is obvious, right above Puke Hill on a trail called Pinecone Ridge. The access from Midmountain back up to the crest trail on the North is via the Ridge Connector trail. Very enjoyable loop that is mostly runnable despite the vert not being quite what it should be for an adequate Wasatch training run, but still a good workout.

awesome climbing crack vid

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