Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Hodgepodge of Activities

View from Kings Peak Summit
Tuesday: Got down to AF with Court and Nick after work. Despite the horrible traffic, we found the trip worth it. Court wanted to try Pigpen, so I led it and he almost got the flash and would redpoint 2nd go, and I tried Woodstock next door and found it quite puzzling. Ended the day with some routes at Division Wall. 

Court camping out at the monster jug

The crux 

Wednesday: partial LCC ridge traverse. 3:23.(no idea on mileage or vert)
Up White Pine, summited Red Top, AF Twins, Silver Creek Peak, Hidden Peak, and Baldy, then down Alta and back to White Pine. If you want to feel like a hero, do AF Twins. You can bag 3 peak summits in less than 30 minutes(silver creek peak is a 10 min jaunt to the south)! The Wasatch is awesome because in such a short time it feels like you can do so much. 

My off trail route straight up Red Top from White Pine drainage

Red/White Baldy from Red Top

Ridge down AF Twins

AF twins from Hidden peak

Thursday: Quick 9 miler up and down Little Emigration before seeing the disappointing free screening of "In the High Country" with our running hero AK. Felt super let down after all the hype I talked myself into. 

Friday: Psico Comp up at Olympic Sports Park. Ended up being pretty cool despite my reservations. Drove to China Meadows TH with Stevo to attempt long run up Kings after. 

Deep Water Solo comp. Would love to mess around on that wall!

Saturday: Kings Peak via China Meadows to Henry's Fork loop. 36 miles, 6700'. 10:05


Steve had wanted to do something up in the Uintahs this weekend so we decided to bag Kings again via a different loop inspired by our Gannett buddy Greg's video. Running video's are pretty boring for most people, but its interesting for us runners while planning a new adventure. There is some debate on the mileage/vert but our approximation is in the ballpark. 

So we set off from China Meadows and cruised up the flats to Smith Pass. Not too many people on the trail minus a few scout troop looking groups heading out. We dropped down into Yellowstone Creek and then headed up to Anderson Pass. I had a horrible shoe event while barreling through a muddy section that was pretty funny(see video below)

Why Steve won't drink out of North Slope Uintah streams anymore

Red Castle Peak and Steve's new Hoka's. He sprained his ankle about 15 times on the boulders. 

Upper Smith's Lake

I hadn't been over on this side of the pass so I enjoyed the new scenery

Anderson Pass and the less than impressive Kings peak

Steve wasn't feeling his best as he had an unfortunate incident Friday where he had to carry his sister off the Pfief after she broke her leg, so he was pretty tired(and justifiably so). He yelled at me to go bag Kings while I was halfway up Anderson as he didn't think he'd make it. So I ran ahead, bagged the top, but sure enough, on the way down stubborn Steve was making his way up. I had a feeling he would. I took a nap and waited at the pass for him. We were moving slow as we left the pass at the 6 hour mark. Steve opted for the shortcut through the boulderfield(neither one of us felt like doing the toilet bowl) and I was feeling good so I stuck to the longer trail option. Up and over Gunsight, and cruised back out Henry's Fork to the trail that linked us back to China Meadows. Super day, fun run. I felt great all day and did 8 min/mile the last 4 miles out so that was encouraging. 

Gunsight. Lost the trail somehow so I cross countried it 

Running out Henry's Fork

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  1. Thanks again for going slow for me. You are going to crush was100.