Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dead Snag- Solo

 Soloed Stoerts Ridge/Jigs Up variation today while Annie was doing missionary work taking a nonmember to the BC temple open house. Priorities. Wasn't trying for a fast time at all but a casual run up and back took :27 CTC. Don't feel comfortable enough on the terrain to merit :10 like old Ryan Mcdermott, but certainly could take this sub :20 if I ran the trail and dialed in the descent. Not ready for tennis shoe ascent yet. Motivation came from Court. Need to dial in the easy solo if I'm going to beat his Cirque Trav time.

Steorts Ridge, Dead Snag Arete, 5.6, 3 pitches, ~300'. Current record-sub :10? Can't find that video anywhere. Disabled?

Splitter wide hands. Pitch 2

The view from near the top

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