Monday, September 24, 2012

Desolation 13

 I needed to get out and run today after saving lives at the Ortho Center. The desolation 13 miler loop from mill D to desolation to crest trail to millcreek to dog lake back to mill D seemed ideal. The leaves are pretty cool these days, and I decided to TT it.
 13 miles 3k vert
dog lake junction :15
deso :45
crest :50
little water junction 1:32 dark from here
dog lake 1:40
dog lake junction 1:48
car 2:02 

I now have knee pain and 2 blisters, but felt good about the time despite nothing bothering me more than not finishing 3 minutes faster.
Key ways to go under 2 hours next time:
1. Tie shoes correctly
2. Run in daylight
3. Run faster

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