Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kings Peak and UC


 Annie's bday was friday, so she wanted to go run Kings Peak for her birthday. We drove up Saturday morning early to leave the trailhead by 9 am. Annie never feels awesome with her colitis, but Sat was not her day. We ran most of the way to Elkhorn Crossing, at a casual but steady pace, walking every so often through the mud and henious rocks.(so many rocks on this trail). But once we hit Elkhorn, her stomach was not happy. She could barely run for a minute with immense pain. We stopped a few times to sit and rest, but it just got worse. She was trying to be tough, as she wanted to summit, but when we reached the junction to start cross country over to the Toilet Bowl it started to snow. This put her over the edge. Now she had horrendous pain and would likely be wet and cold. So we decided it wasn't the day to summit Kings. There was a surprising amount of snow up there on the peaks, including the Toilet Bowl, which would have made it a little more interesting for sure.

Nearing Elkhorn crossing
We basically hiked back to the car, running very little. It was still a fun outing in the Uintahs despite not summiting. Lots of pretty trees and the alpine terrain is always cool. We'll have to head back next year in hopes of better bowels and better weather. I did however get to try out my new Nathan ultrarunning vest I bought off Backcountry for $35 with my University promo code. I like it. I think its the same as Court's which I regretfully harassed him about on our Triple Traverse. I hate to say it, but I'm converting to these ridiculous ultrarunning clothing fads. Now the only things I'm missing from being a real ultrarunner is the knee high socks, gators, and Hoka's. Please shoot me if you see me contemplating that attire.

CTC: 24.5 miles 5252' vert 

We maybe only did 16 miles total, with maybe 1/3 vert. 5 hours out on the trail. Painful bowels=slow

Lebron Krupicka with his ultrarunning vest and Moeben sleeves
Crossing at Elkhorn

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